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Unattended operations enabled by eliminating the need for battery replacement.

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) play a key role in factory automation. Since charging these is a highly time-consuming procedure, it is usually necessary to have a huge number of spare batteries or multiple sets of AGVs and AMRs. When combined with an automatic charging function, SCiB™ will eliminate the need for spare batteries and reduce the number of AGVs and AMRs required, thanks to its rapid-charging characteristics.

  • Increase in operating efficiency

    Increase in operating efficiency

  • Reduction in operating costs

    Reduction in operating costs

  • Reduction in waste

    Reduction in waste

  • Safe operation

    Safe operation

Eliminating battery replacement because of rapid charging

The combination of the rapid-charging feature of SCiB™ and an automatic charging function makes it possible to create AGVs and AMRs that run on a battery alone.
This eliminates the need to charge spare batteries and replace flat batteries with fully charged spares.
In addition, its long life helps extend the replacement purchase cycle, thereby reducing the operating cost and waste. SCiB™ also obviates the workload for battery replacement.

[When batteries other than SCiB™ are used] It is necessary to have a huge number of batteries so as to be able to replace flat batteries with spares. | [When SCiB™ is used] SCiB™ is autonomously rapidly charged and eliminating the need for battery replacement. (Rapid charging at a charging spot, Long life of more than 20,000 charge/discharge cycles, No need for battery replacement)

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