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Small, light UPS systems for efficient space utilization

In line with stable corporate business activities continuation and spread of data centers, it is becoming essential to secure power supply in the event of a power failure. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems equipped with SCiB™ provide a long life, safe and stable power supply even for space-constrained facilities.

  • Increase in system availability

    Increase in system

  • Reduction in waste

    Reduction in waste

  • Safe operations

    Safe operations

Improve space utilization and reduce battery replacement costs

Since conventional UPS systems using lead-acid batteries are heavy and have a large footprint, there are restrictions on the place of installation. UPS systems using SCiB™ can be designed to be smaller and lighter than the conventional UPS systems and therefore provide greater flexibility in floor layout. In addition, SCiB™ helps reduce battery replacement costs because of its long life and high reliability.

[Convertional operation] | [Operation with SCiB™] Smaller and lighter than lead-acid batteries / Long life of more than 20,000 charge/discharge cycles / Higher reliability than convertional lithium-ion batteries(*In case of lead acid battery)

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