Environmental Friendliness

Toshiba's SCiB™ is used in a wide
variety of applications, contributing to
realizing sustainable society.

Environmental Friendliness

Toshiba's SCiB™ Rechargeable Battery has been certified as "Excellent ECP (Environmentally Conscious Products)"
of Toshiba Group's internal certification program with the characteristics satisfying the following 3 key factors
and its design. The widespread use of SCiB™ will contribute to sustainable environment.

  • Efficient use
    of resources Long product life time reduces frequency of battery replacement
  • Prevention of
    Global Warming High performance consumes limited energy efficiently in various types of equipment
  • Chemical
    management No use of the chemical substances prohibited in Toshiba Group

Environmental considerations

Toshiba's SCiB™ Rechargeable Battery satisfies all of the requirements and the voluntary standards.

Life Cycle Stage Aspects of Environmental Considerations
Procurement of materials
and parts
  • No use of chemical substances banned in Toshiba Group*
  • The user manual and other paper made of recycled paper **
Use by customers
  • Product lifetime of each model of SCiB™ as the voluntary criterion for "long life"
Recycling of used products
  • Disclosure of component of the used plastic parts with the weight of >=25g
  • Recycling symbols*** (such as lithium-ion cells) on the subject products.
  • Known environmental aspects and impacts**** through Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Factor T, an eco-efficiency indicator calculated
  • *
    Chemical substances listed in the "Rank A prohibited materials/substances" in Toshiba Group's Green Procurement Guidelines, excepting the exempted portion defined separately
  • **
    User manuals printed in Japan
  • ***
    Only small-type batteries marketed in Japan requires the recycling symbol.
  • ****
    Life-cycle assessment is performed on each group of products with a similar material composition and manufacturing process.

Example of Factor T calculation for the SCiB™ rechargeable battery

Value Factor 1.51 × Environmental Impact Reduction Factor 2.14 = Factor 3.23
  • *SCiB™ battery of high power type 2.9Ah cells
    Used as an auxiliary power source for idling stop systems (Released for sale in March 2013)
  • * Compared with lithium-ion batteries

Product value

Product value graph

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact graph