SCiB™ Rechargeable battery

How to use the cell simulator

Create a list of times (in seconds) and cell power (in watts) using spreadsheet software, etc.

1. Select a cell type.

2. Enter the charge-discharge conditions.

Create a list of times (in seconds) and cell power (in watts) and click the Check button. Cell power changes in a staircase manner as shown at right. It rises and falls to the wattage levels specified in each row at the end of the corresponding period.
※The graph shown at right is a rough representation of the specified charge-discharge conditions.

3. Enter the ambient temperature, and the initial SOC and click Run.

A graph that represents the specified charge-discharge profile appears. Then, fill in the Ambient Temperature and Initial SOC fields and click Run.

4. The cell simulator performs a calculation.

The voltage, SOC, temperature, and current graphs appear.

Cell Types

Charge-Discharge Conditions

Paste a list of times and cell power from the spreadsheet software.
※Separate a time and a cell power value with a tab or a space.※The power value must be between –xxx W and xxx W

Charge-Discharge Profile

Ambient Temperature
(10 to 40°C)

Initial SOC
(10 to 90%)



Click the following button if you agree with the disclaimer.

  • This cell simulator (hereinafter “this tool”) simulates the current, voltage, state of charge (SOC), and temperature of Toshiba’s SCiB™ cells.
  • This tool only provides rough estimates and does not guarantee the performance or behavior of an SCiB™ cell. Its estimates might differ greatly from the actual cell performance, depending on the input conditions provided
  • Toshiba Corporation (hereinafter “Toshiba”) shall not assume liability for any damages arising from the use of this tool. 
  • The specifications for this tool are subject to change without notice. 
  • Toshiba does not retain any information entered in this tool, except for investigation purposes in the event of a calculation error.

Calculation Results


Cell voltage

Cell SOC

Cell temperature

Cell current

Contact us if you need to:

  • check detailed cell specifications;
  • check cell evaluation data;
  • simulate SCiB™ cells under conditions exceeding those permitted by this tool;
  • estimate the cell life.