Toshiba's SCiB™ Rechargeable Battery

SCiB™ uses lithium titanium oxide (LTO) in its anode to achieve excellent characteristics, including safety, long life, low-temperature performance, rapid charging, high input/output power and large effective capacity.
SCiB™ has been widely used for vehicle, industrial and infrastructure applications, including automobiles, buses, railroad cars, elevators and power plants.

* The package design presented on the web is for catalogue purpose, so the design of the actual battery will be different.

SCiB™ provides you solutions

The SCiB™ rechargeable battery meets various customer needs and can be used in various applications.

  • SCiB™ can be safely used
    since it is unlikely to
    cause smoke or fire hazard. SCiB™ is less likely to cause smoke or fire hazard than conventional lithium-ion batteries. SCiB™ also does not produce hydrogen as lead-acid batteries do.
  • SCiB™ eliminates
    the need for battery
    replacement. Long life of SCiB™ manages to reduce the replacement and maintenance frequency. Therefore, SCiB™ contributes in reducing running costs.
  • SCiB™ can be charged
    regardless of the temperature,
    even below the freezing point. SCiB™ can be charged even in a low-temperature environment. Therefore, SCiB™ can be utilized as a storage battery even in outdoors during cold winter.


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Examples of SCiB™ applications supporting the community

The following introduces several sample applications of the Toshiba SCiB™ rechargeable battery.